2014-10-29 19:46:09 by Cogmoses

It's been almost two years since I made news post on here, hasn't it? But this time I got a good reason to post another one!

I'm having a bit of financial trouble, and I felt the need to start up commissions! You can find all the info you need over here:

It's nothing urgent or anything, but I am going to be paying a hefty sum of medical fees, which really cuts into what I was saving that money for to begin with, and since I don't have a job at the moment, this is the next best thing. I really do appreciate the help if there's any help to give!


2012-11-19 21:23:08 by Cogmoses

Here we go!
Mike's the name, art's my game. Any kind whatsoever, be it painting or animation. It's great to be here, wonderful to meet you all, and so forth. Like it says in the description, there isn't really much of anything to be seen from me, but every day I'm trying new things, and I'm working my way up to becoming an animator, and hopefully my experience here can benefit. My biggest goal in life is to create games everyone of all ages can enjoy, and I hope that can be accomplished with the ideas I have in store. So I hope you enjoy what I've got to offer and what I'm going to offer in the future!

My art tumblr is here:
And my deviantart account is here:

Signing off from this end of the cogmos